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Fools and Rascals Say That God Is Faceless

Prabhupada: So your father has got personality. And why the ultimate Godhead is not a person? What is this philosophy? If God is father, He must be person. How you can prove God imperson? Eh? Hamsaduta: Ah... Prabhupada: He is puzzled. Devotee (1): I am puzzled. Prabhupada: (chuckles) Just try to understand this philosophy. If when I see practically my father has got head, his father has got head, his father has got head, head, head, head... Go on. And the ultimate father, why he has no head? What this poor person, gentleman, has done that he has no head? (laughter) This is... This nonsense theory is going on, that "God has no head. God has no legs. God has no hand." Imperson means He has no head, no leg, no... That means... And somebody says, "He is dead," and "void." Revatinandana: They're trying to kill Krsna. They're trying to kill Krsna. Prabhupada: That's all. That is their business. Raksasa, asura, miscreants, rogues, fools, rascals -- that is their business. Envious. Because they are... If I say that "You have no eyes," that means indirectly I say that "You are blind." If I say that "You have no leg," indirectly I say, "You are lame." In this way, when I deny your senses, that means I am calling God by ill names that "You are blind. You are lame. You are headless. You are rascal," like that. And that is their prayer. Calling God by ill names, that is their prayer. (Room Conversation -- December 21, 1970, Surat)

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