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Chanting Nightclub

In previous ages elevated priests were capable of chanting mantras according to specific rhythmic and metric regulations that practically enabled them on the subtle level of existence. Vedic mantras are practical; they are not just some empty ritual. By perfecting the chanting method, qualified priests, otherwise called Brahmanas, could manifest powerful weapons, rejuvenate animals very lives by generating a brand new body, and even kill a dangerous person on the spot. During the present age the traditions and standards for these Brahmanas have been lost, and all that remains are their unqualified descendants, who simply wear the appropriate dress, and sometimes are even seen to participate in Brahminical functions, but who actually have no qualification. Quite the opposite, they indulge in all kinds of rascal activities. Their only qualification is the 2-cent thread that they wear to signify their birth in a hereditary Brahmana family. As such, the efficacy of their chanting is diminished entirely and they cannot produce any good result. A Brahmana is only a Brahmana by his qualities, not his birth or the institution he is a part of. In the present age, that system of chanting has been replaced with a far easier and more widely available method called sankirtana, which anyone and everyone can participate in regardless of birth or even qualification. The chanting of Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare is free from such tight metric rules and careful pronunciation guidelines as were in the previous ages. One can simply chant Hare Krishna at his own pace and be attentive to the sound vibration, and that will purify his consciousness to the level of even a Brahmana, or in other words someone who has control over their mind, can tolerate anything against themselves, is forbearing, truthful, clean and is full with knowledge both material and spiritual. If even a small portion of the society comes to this platform the world can be saved from ruination. The chanting is just suited for the present age because nowadays people are very much eager to enjoy themselves rather than take up any kind of regulated life for spiritual advancement. Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has therefore introduced sankirtana, which can be done in a happy mood by chanting different melodies in different tempos with various instruments, and one can dance very ecstatically with other chanters, enjoying full transcendental bliss at every moment. The practically of Vedic mantra is fully manifested in the chanting of Hare Krishna because not only can one transcend his lower nature, but he can attain the stage of being able to directly perceive, serve and love the Supreme absolute truth, Lord Sri Krsna. In an age where people want to go to festivals, nightclubs, dance halls and the like, the Hare Krishna movement is the perfect alternative for those who do not want to spoil their valuable life in mind-altering drugs, liver-breaking alcohol and illicit relationships that generally end in heartbreak, disease, cheating, rape or even death, but rather reach the highest and most perfect spiritual enlightenment.

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